Kia Ora

My name is Reuben Parkinson and I have been a professional rugby player for 10 years. We all know that the ability to tackle well is essential for rugby players at all levels. Correct tackling techniques not only ensures player safety but is also imperative for the success of your team and your enjoyment as a player or coach.

Throughout my professional career all I had to practice with was a stationary tackle bag and although they still have a place we all know that on a Rugby or Rugby League field players don’t stand still for you. I learnt to tackle using a similar technique and device as the Rube Tube. I firmly believe this is how my brother, cousins and I formed our ability and instincts from an early age learning to tackle not only hard, but with accuracy and without causing injury.

I have invented the only moving tackling device, the Rube Tube. It is designed to help improve technique with the utmost in player safety in mind, take a look at this great tool and contact us to get your hands on one today!